Adrenal Post-Op PhilB

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A small bit of advice for potential BLAers: by PhilB

The biggest piece of advise is to understand that this is major surgery. Laprascopic but they are removing two major organs. Don't let them discharge you from the hospital the next day or even two. There is pain that needs to be managed and you just cannot do it at home or in a hotel. Dr. C. is one of the best docs I've dealt with. He won't discharge you unless you are ready. Let him know that you are in pain. The nurses are awesome too.

Then, try to stay local for as long as you can to allow your body to physically recover from the cutting and surgical pain.

Do NOT try to wean too soon. I know it goes against everything we have been fighting for but your body will use every bit of the 100mg hydro while recovering. Save the weaning for when you get home and can settle in.

Gas pain. They fill your abdomen with Co2. This causes gas pockets to form. I got one in my shoulder. IT HURT. Morphine helped and ice packs. AND MORE MORPHINE.

I hope this helps. I planned my trip to be able to stay as long as possible. 11 days in the local area and now I am driving home 18 hrs road trip.