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Research and Clinical Trials on Cushing’s Disease

Researchers agree that more needs to be understood in order to better treat endocrine disorders. Research and clinical trials on Cushing’s disease are working to learn more and develop better treatments for patients.

Researchers seek answers to important questions about the function(s) of the body’s major glands and how their disorders affect the body. These are some of the topics currently under investigation in clinical trials on Cushing’s disease:

• How does excess cortisol hormone affect the brain?

• Is there better, less invasive diagnostic testing?

• How accurate is current testing?

• How can we prevent tumors from developing on the pituitary glands?

• How can we better treat tumors and prevent their return?

• How can we improve hormone therapy for patients?

These are only a few of the topics for research and clinical trials on Cushing’s disease.

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