Packing Suggestions for Surgery

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From the message boards and and MaryO's personal experience

More about Kate

  • MRI Films (originals plus a CD)
  • updated medical records. Anyone who goes for surgery needs to have a back-up set of records with them. Some doctors like a list all of labs on a spreadsheet with dates, results, etc. on them to make it easier for them to go through. However, Most doctors want to see the actual test results. Have both forms, if possible.
  • nightgowns
  • robe, slippers
  • extra pillow, if needed
  • microfleece blanket
  • book or magazines Adrenal people: you may have trouble resting things like books on your stomach post-op so magazines or paperbacks are a better choice than hard cover
  • Sudoku / crossword puzzles
  • shampoo, conditioner
  • comb, brush
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • Puffs Plus with lotion
  • underwear
  • maxi pad/tampons
  • cool max sports injury gel pack
  • medications Note: Check with your doctor - the hospital may not allow you to take meds from outside.
  • Crisis letter
  • medic alert bracelet
  • an iPod/charger or some CD's and small player
  • pants with a loose elastic waist are good, or a long, loose dress.
  • cell phone and charger Note: Check with the hospital. Many do not allow the use of cellphones.
  • list of cell phone numbers of people to call from the hospital
  • change of clothes to wear home. Adrenal people: pants with a loose elastic waist are good, or a long, loose dress.
  • digital recorder so that you can record any instructions if need be after surgery
  • huge, cuddly teddy bear
  • mints or hard candy for dry mouth. Your mouth will be dry and you shouldn't drink too much after could wash your sodium out....suck, on candy to keep your mouth moist.
  • Buy a COOL GEL SPORTS INJURY PACK (Walmart or Walgreens) and wrap it around your head and back of your neck when you have a head-ache or are feeling bad. The cool settles your tummy, relieves the pain and swelling in the tissue around the head and neck that is irritated from surgery.
  • Take advantage of the moisture-ventilator that they give you in ICU and be sure to request or demand that they let you keep it after you get to your room. It relieved the dry pain that my nose had and made the whole thing WAY less painful than others have said it was for them. ALSO...if you buy one of those $30 cool water humidifiers from Walmart/Target for you upon your return will LOVE the moisture it gives you and it will make your nose feel MUCH better, MUCH faster!
  • New! Autumn adds: "Can I add a couple items to the list that turned out to be LIFE-SAVERS for me? My husband went to Wal-mart and got a gel ice pack that is made to wrap around an arm or leg for sports injuries...The gel pack goes in the freezer and then in ...a sleeve that velcros. It is the perfect size to go around your head and it is sooooo helpful for headaches and swelling! LOVED IT and used it for a couple months after surgery!!!! A great $10.00 purchase!"
  • Additions July 19, 2014 from Facebook Group:
  • Relaxing music on CD or iPod
  • Nail clippers or file
  • Biotien for dry mouth (before surgery when you can't drink)
  • Emergency phone numbers or people you want called after surgery. Mass text link for hubby to message all your Cushing's buddies in one move we all appreciate knowing updates
  • tea tree oil......make a h20 solution. ...spray your room....kills MRSA...I add a bit of tea tree oil to bath wash and shampoo....we use this a week before any surgery
  • humidifier
  • ice packs (peas...or the make it yourself solution to put in Baggies. will be glad you did)
  • comfy pillows...squishy kind...head hurts and just the right angle is a must Movies and headset for hubby
  • "Boogie wipes" this is the official name...these are so nice
  • Turmeric is supposed to treat MSRA

Optional, if used:

  • nightguard for teeth
  • cpap and oracle mask
  • Sleep mask if needed.
  • Growth hormone and supplies
  • camera
  • deck of cards